Business & Corporate Law

Business owners can’t do it all – I know because I am a small business owner too. Businesses need a quarterback, someone who can guide you through the complexities of operating a business. My experiences as an attorney, business owner, and counselor to thousands of clients over the years gives me unique insight and ideas to offer you. I won’t always tell you what you want to hear. I will always tell you what you NEED to hear. Come see me and let me get to know you and your business.

I can help you articulate and implement your short and long-term dreams and goals. Perhaps most importantly I will challenge you. I will boldly, but gently, guide you through the development and growth of your business. Together, let’s identify and seize business opportunities for your company and family.

French Law Group, LLC provides solutions and supports businesses throughout the cycles of life. Laura French, J.D., LL.M. in Taxation, approaches her clients from the perspectives of an attorney, wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Laura uses her professional skills and legal experience to help clients organize and form their businesses, craft agreements and document relationships to avoid future conflict, maintain compliance with legal standards, identify opportunities and pursue manageable growth, while positioning their business to secure their family’s future.

Laura is acutely aware of the conflicts that often arise in business arrangements, especially in businesses owned by families or between friends. Laura is able to help clients navigate complex issues, identify benefits and consequences at stake, and the pathways by which clients may secure and grow their business. As a business owner and entrepreneur herself, Laura understands the blessings and challenges facing business owners on a daily basis, and the need for comprehensive planning.

French Law Group, LLC is right for you if you want a trusted advisor to turn to for the life of your business.